Cleaning Business

How to Start a Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses have recently become highly profitable. Their sevices are being sought more that before as more and more people opt to source cleaning services from cleaning companies.They are also fairly easy to start; it doesn’t require a lot of capital, and you may not need any training at all. All you need is a set of cleaning equipment, a heart for the business and you are good to go. You can even start it as a part-time venture while keeping your current job and grow it until you and leave your job to concentrate on it fully. Here is a guide on how you can start your cleaning company.

What types of cleaning businesses are there?

There are three types of cleaning businesses you can start
• Commercial cleaning
This involves cleaning commercial premises, like offices, rental houses, foreclosed homes and also pressure cleaning of vehicles.
• Residential cleaning Typically entails general cleaning of homes. It means cleaning all the rooms in a house, floors carpets windows, and furniture. Also, drains, vents and swimming pools.
• Specialised cleaning This is where you specialize in cleaning a single item or area. For example, dealing with only carpet cleaning or window cleaning.

What type of equipment will you need?

This will largely depend on the amount of starting capital you have, and the particular cleaning service you have chosen. If you are low on finances, start with basic equipment For example, for home cleaning services you would need a vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, a couple of dusters brooms and other basic cleaning supplies. You will also need protective clothing. Some special cleaning products like window cleaner spray and furniture polish should also be on your list. And not to forget a truck in which to carry your things. You can start by leasing one and obtain your own as the business grows.

What type of licensing will you need?

Any business requires registration. You will need to know what the requirements of registering a cleaning business are and the options available before you embark on starting it. Talking to an accountant will give you all the information you will need regarding the registration and insurance according to the law.
If you choose you willbe the sole owner of the company, you will register it as yours owned by you only. A shared business is registered as a partnership or a company.
By registering as a sole trader tax for the business will be calculated alongside come from your other sources and at the same rate as that of an individual taxpayer. The business will not be taxed seperately. You can also opt to start a partnership where tax returns will be the same as that of a sole trader. Company rates for tax are different.
Your cleaning business will also require insurance to cover possible liabilities.

What training will you need?

Cleaning may not need any formal training. However, to offer quality and professional services, consider taking a cleaning course. It will not only make you confident about what you are doing but will also ensure you have a qualification to prove to your customers should they demand it. By being professionally trained, you will offer much better services, and your customers are bound to be happy which will help to grow your business.

Should you start your own or go for a franchise?

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages that go with each option. Starting yours is cheaper because there are no upfront costs to pay. You will have no fees to pay every other month meaning that you keep all the income the business makes. And because you fully own the establishment, selling it is easy should you decide to.
On the other hand, a franchise gives you an established brand name, and relieves you of initial marketing. Most of them also offer support regarding marketing and professional training. Because they carry out continual marketing on a large scale, you are almost assured of business success as compared to being on your own.
Before making the final decision make adequate research including on how some franchisors operate because some of them have strict rules that limit the growth of your business. Some do not even offer continual support.

How will you get customers?

Getting the first customers ( and retaining them) is always the hardest part of any newly launched business. You will have to consider a combination of advertising methods to help you get as many customers. Here are tips on how to.
• Ads in local newspapers
Because your business is new, not many people will know about it. Newspapers are a great way to bring to it the needed exposure. Consider running several adds consecutively, and chances are you will get interested clients.
• Referrals Friends and relatives can be the best here. Use them to refer people they know and who are seeking cleaning services. Also offer discounted services to the people they refer so that you encourage them to bring you customers.
• Fliers and business cards
They are a good way to advertise your services around. Make them in bulk and distribute them widely once you are ready to start.
• Internet marketing
The internet is nowadays a very powerful marketing tool. You can have own website, or you can run ads on people’s sites for a fee. If you choose to have your own, consider enlisting SEO services, so your site ranks highly in search engine results. You can also make use of Facebook to advertise your cleaning services.

To start your cleaning business, just go ahead and do it. Make thorough research and know the ropes. Observe what other successful cleaners are doing and emulate them. Always remember that in the cleaning business trust advisable. You are always in contact with people’s belongings, and you need to assure them the can be certain it’s safe to leave them with you. It’s advisable to leave things as they are, untouched. This will win the hearts of your clients to become lifelong customers, and they will also refer you to the people in their friends’ network and boost your business.