House Cleaning

How To Clean Like a Professional

Cleaning has been my profession for the last 18 years and during that time I’ve train
ed hundreds of other cleaners in that time.

The following are tips I give to all my trainees and will have you cleaning like a pro in no time!

Make a Routine and Stay with it

Set in place a particular time to really get your tasks done away.
Nobody hires a cleaning service that promises to reach some random Saturday when nothing else is going on. As a professional cleaner, my tip is tip to setup a normal cleaning schedule. Real cleaners don’t quit before job is performed. Plan the working job and stay with it to get the task done in record time.”

Look for a Motivator

Use motivators to avoid brain and distraction off monotony. “Play your chosen upbeat music. Pay attention to a publication on tape so you’ll feel like you’re completing two tasks simultaneously.”

Dress for SuccessHouse cleaning like a pro

Professional cleaners clothe themselves in comfortable, washable clothing suitable for work. Supportive shoes and kneepads free their systems. Gloves and goggles drive back chemicals. Get rid of the bleach-stained sweatshirts, and develop a cleaning uniform which includes shoes, eye and gloves protection.

Spend money on Proper Cleaning Tools

“Professional cleaners avoid gadgets. Forget about specialised one-time-use tools or the latest gimmick hawked over a Television infomercial. “Buy good tools the first time round and utilize them.

Simplify Supplies

“Professional cleaners have all they need in a single holder” They’ve simplified their cleaning products right down to four basic materials:

Glass Cleaner / spray and wipe

Heavy-duty degreasing cleaner

Bathroom and tile cleaner

Powdered abrasive cleanser

That’s it! No cleaning soap scum remover, no special counter-top spray, no single-use products made to clean only enthusiasts or window blinds or wall surfaces. The experts knocw that with these four simple products they will be in a position to handle any ordinary cleaning chore.”

Tote Your Tools

Keep all your tools in a tote, this will make sure your chemicals and tools are right where you need them whenever you need them. Vacuum, mop and mini-vac wait in the doorway. A plastic material bag for garbage is tucked into a pocket, next to the duster.

Minimize Movement

“Professional cleaners are organised enough to not have to go back to the same place more than once. Taking their place prior to the bathroom kitchen sink, clean the mirrors, scrub the sink, wipe counters and polish fixtures before they move one inch left or right.

“Do not get physical with your cleaning periods; make every motion count, make sure to clean everything before you move onto the next areah.”

Two cleaning Hands Are Better Than One

“The professionals don’t are if one arm is within a sling and neither in the event you. Enter the behavior of using both of your hands to strike cleaning duties,” advises Cynthia.

“Spray a reflection with one side; clean it down with the other. Scrub counters with two sponges or cleaning cloths. Dusting should go doubly fast whenever a lamb’s wool duster in a single palm cleans nooks and crannies as the cleaning material in the other skims chiseled surfaces.”

Pick and choose It Up Before You Clean

“Professional cleaners come to completely clean, never to tidy counters, furniture, floors and appliances. They can’t get the job done if each horizontal surface in the house is covered with papers, toys, dirty dishes and plain clutter,” Cynthia explains. “Pretend you’ve appointed a high-priced cleaning team. You wouldn’t make sure they are relocate the chaos just to have the ability to do their job. Give yourself the same mind start — grab before you clean.”


Two different people make a foundation four times faster than one. Several can make brief work of the average home. Make cleaning a merged group work. Family members will be more reluctant to screw up a clean house when they are area of the cleaning effort!